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My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon v1.41 MOD APK (Speed ​​Hack/sem anúncios)

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Nome do aplicativo My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon
Editor Piranha Studios
Tamanho 110.38 MB
Última versão 1.41
Informações de modificação Speed ​​Hack/sem anúncios
pegue Google Play
Informações de modificação ?
Speed ​​Hack/sem anúncios

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My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon de detalle

Welcome to "My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon"! It's a super fun and addicting game where you become the boss of a tiny hospital. Your job is to build and improve different parts of the hospital, like the rooms and stuff, to help sick people and make money. It's like a puzzle game you can play even when you're not really playing!

You start with a small clinic, like a doctor's office, and you get to turn it into a big, awesome hospital. You even get to run the whole town where the hospital is. How cool is that?

You won't have to do everything by yourself; the game can do some things for you automatically, so you can focus on taking care of the patients and making your hospital better. You'll need to hire doctors and nurses to help you with all the sick people, and as you do a great job, you'll make more money.

As you keep playing, you'll unlock new parts of the hospital, make the ones you have better, and hire more people to help out. The better your hospital gets, the more money you'll earn. That way, you can expand your hospital town even more and make it famous for helping people with their mental health.

In your hospital, there will be all sorts of patients with different needs and problems. You're in charge of giving them the right treatments and making sure they're happy. When they get better, you'll collect money from them, and you can use that money to get new equipment and build more things to make your hospital even better.

So, get ready to play "My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon" and become a superstar hospital boss! You'll learn how to manage a hospital, take care of patients, and watch your hospital grow into a huge success. It's like being the richest hospital boss ever!

If you like games where you get to make decisions and build things, you'll totally love this game. You can start with a small clinic and turn it into a massive hospital business. You'll hire doctors and nurses, give top-notch medical care, and watch your hospital town get bigger and busier.

You'll make sure all your patients are happy and healthy, and as you do, your hospital's reputation will grow. You'll also research new ways to treat patients and get the latest medical equipment to make your hospital even more awesome. As more patients come in, you'll hire more staff and make smart choices to make your hospital empire even bigger.

Here are some cool things about the game:

It's super fun and interactive.
You get to manage all kinds of hospital stuff.
You can make your hospital town bigger and better.
You'll hire awesome doctors and nurses.
You can discover new treatments and technology.
You'll make important choices to make your hospital the best.
Plus, you can save your game and play it on different devices. So, if you love games where you can run your own hospital and build a successful business empire, "My Mini Mental Hospital Tycoon" is perfect for you. It's a game that's easy to play, and you'll have a blast running your very own hospital and helping lots of people get better. Have a great time in the world of medicine.

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Download (110.38 MB)

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  • Para evitar que os usuários instalem arquivos apk de fora, o Google Play adicionou um aviso quando instalar apks e mods. O PlayProtect informará que o arquivo é prejudicial. Apenas, basta clicar. “Instalar mesmo assim (não é seguro)”.
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